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Current Qmail-SQL Status

Hello fellow Qmail-sql'ers!

I have been using qmail-sql for quite sometime and love it. It does
exactly what I want.

Looking over the WWW site and noticed a couple things that prompted some
questions. Thought I'd ask the questions and see what happens. :)

1- The WWW site says "Current version: v 0.25 - released nov 27 2003", but
I know I have downloaded a much newer version. In fact on the download
page you can grab qmail-sql-1.03-0.26pre4_2, the latest as of 17JUL2004.
Anyone going to fix the WWW site?

2- Is there any planned or known "newer" versions due out? I sure hope so.
Of course qmail-sql can be that good not to need updating. :)

3- I see a patch for netqmail. I know allot of qmail-ers are going this
way using the netqmail packages. Will qmail-sql be going that way or will
we always have the option?

4- Has anyone have a document that explains how to get a
vacation\autoresponder, anti-spam and anti-virus working with qmail-sql?
How about just qmial?

Well thats all my questions for now. Thanks for the help!!

Brent Clark