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quota handle once again

Hi list,
At first sorry for my english.
I've read threads about quota in qmail-sql patch but I need one more
explanation. Docs say: "Suppose you have a maildir containing 4.9 MB mail
and your quotum is 5 MB. When a new mail arrives, qmail-sql checks your
homedir and notices you still have space left. It will accept the mail even
if your quotum would be exceeded after delivery of the mail. All other mails
will of course be delayed(..)". Assuming this example, is it right to accept
100MB message if quota for box is 5MB and current taken space is 4,9MB? From
ISP point of view it is not acceptable that 5MB mail account will accept
100MB message. Are you aware of any solution (patch) which make qmail-sql to
handle quota more properly? Any answers will be appreciated.
Best regards