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qmail-sql + courier-imap

I think I have this configured properly, but I keep getting
authentication failure.  I read a previous message that suggested
using a database "view" for the table passwd.  I have created this
view and called it imap.  I have no problem querying the db from that
view.  When I installed authdaemon, the authpgsqlrc file was created,
but left in the src directory.  I moved it to /usr/local/etc/authlib/
then specified authpgsql in the Authmodules setting in authdaemonrc. 
Right now when I authenticate to POP3 it hangs for 3-4 seconds then
returns a login failed message.  Is there anyway to test my authdaemon
settings without having to test via POP3?  (FYI: I had pop3 working
with qmail's pop3 + checkpassword patch...just looking to move to
IMAP)  Also, I do not have an authmodule defined in pop3d because it
looks like the version I have (the latest of everything) doesn't
require it.  Let me know if anyone has had a similar experience.  I
have pasted the authpgsqlrc below:

PGSQL_HOST              a.b.c.d
PGSQL_PORT              5432
PGSQL_USERNAME          username
PGSQL_PASSWORD          password
PGSQL_DATABASE          qmail
PGSQL_USER_TABLE        imap
PGSQL_UID_FIELD         uid
PGSQL_GID_FIELD         gid
PGSQL_HOME_FIELD        home
PGSQL_QUOTA_FIELD       hardquota

authdaemonrc file:

authmodulelistorig="authuserdb authpam authldap authcustom authpipe"

Thanks again!