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Re: qmail-smtpd checpassword sql + qmail+sql

Mrad James Deane wrote:

hi i have succesfully installed qmail+sql + postgresql on freebsd with the latest checkpassword patch and it work fine but i want to know why i can't succesfully login into my smtp auth i have LOGIN PLAIN CRAM-MD5 algorithm for authentification . so my question is how must i do for succesfull auth. do i must add a new table to my db or change password encryption for the passwd table,
Please help,I'm really in trouble.

As the documentation states, if you are using CRAM-MD5 you must store passwords in the DB in plaintext. If you are only having trouble with smtp. Again, look at the docs, and you'll hopefully find you should be using checksmtpauth, and not checkpassword. Both binaries are created when you compile checkpassword-sql. You need to use checksmtpauth for qmail-sql.


Russell Smith