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Re: first problem using qmail-sql

Mrad James Deane wrote:

Hi,i have succsesfully setup qmail-sql on my freebsd box and i have setup the pgsql database and table cleanly but i have a problem using checkpassword authentification when creating a test user and tryin to login using qmail-pop and the patched checkpassword i can't authentificate saying authorization fails in the log file but i'm really in trouble cause qmail-getpw works fine and there is a database connection and when i watch the pg log file i'm founding : unexpected EOF connection
Please help.
Thaks ,
James mrad

I suspect you are having the same problem I had when I switched from mysql to pgsql.

Please read my post on the list archives about the memory allocation bug.

If you apply that patch to checkpassword, that issue will be fixed.

Beware this other issue.

I have submitted these in patch format to helios-qmail, hosted on sf, if you want them in patch format.


Russell Smith