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Re: qmail+pgsql - qmail need to be restarted when adding new domain

KrzychK2 wrote:

Hello  qmail-sql!

I've got a problem with adding new domains. rcpt from db is allowed
but still qmail need to be restarted or i've got the following
Be warned rcpthosts from db is only used if your locals file does not exist. Check the
qmail-sql manual to be sure.

Sorry. Although I'm listed as a best-preference MX or A for that host,
it isn't in my control/locals file, so I don't treat it as local. (#5.4.6)

This is annoying, is there any suggestion to operate without
restarting qmail??
Sadly you must SIGHUP qmail-send to enable the rescanning of a domain. You would write
a pg trigger that queues a SIGHUP of qmail-send after 5-10 seconds.


Russell Smith