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Re: automatic handling of newly added domains

On Wednesday 31 March 2004 18:52, Alex Howansky wrote:
> If I add a new domain to my configuration (i.e., insert a new alias user),
> qmail doesn't immediately start accepting mail for that domain because it
> only reads the rcpthosts at start up. How does everyone handle this
> situation? I figure I'll just cron "qmailctl hup" every hour or so. Does
> anyone have an alternate solution?

We have a 5 line Perl script listening on a pipe. Whenever the admin scripts 
add a domain they also write to the pipe, which causes a restart. The pipe 
mostly handles permission/ownership issues as the processes run as different 
users etc. Although crackers obtaining any shell access could maliciously 
restart qmail repeatedly - that is the least of our worries.

We did ponder Postgres triggers - but that seemed to be a relatively new bit 
of postgres (as far as running external programs goes) - although it puts the 
logic in the "right place", most of our logic is in the admin scripts anyway 
for better or worse.