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Qmail-sql and MS SQL Server/ODBC Questions


I've got a client who wants to use Qmail-sql with MS SQL Server.

Several questions:

1. When I try to compile qmail I get missing header files (the 3 inside
the #ifdef SQLTYPE == UNIXODBCTYLE block in sql.h).

Where do I find these files? I don't have a copy of MS SQL Server (I'm
only a humble Linux users <g>), but the client probably has them if they
are part of the MS dev kit.

2. What should go in sql.headers and sql.lib?

3. What should go in s.lib in ./checkpassword-0.90?

4. Are there any instructions for ODBC use that I've missed/can't find.
If not, are there any plans to write some? I can see more MS shops
starting to look at Linux MTAs going forward so this would be useful,
particularly as this client has a huge investment in triggers which
don't translate to MySQL or PostgreSQL and has to stay with the MS
server for the foreseeable future.

Many thanks in advance.