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qmail distribution based on qmail-sql


I`m proud to announce that after near half of year of development I`ve just 
released the first stable release of Helios qmail, an advanced qmail 
distribution based on qmail-sql patch.

Helios qmail has many features that each modern MTA should have. Some of it`s 
features are: SMTP, SMTPS, POP3, POP3S, IMAP and IMAPS services support, a 
content scanner, PHP5 API, spoofing prevention support, SPF support, SMTP 
authorization support, SMTP-after-POP3/IMAP and much more.

For more information see it`s home page: http://helios-qmail.sourceforge.net/.

Paweł Foremski
priv mail: cGF2Y2lvQDRsby5ieXRvbS5wbAo= (base64)
WWW: http://ares.4lo.bytom.pl/pavcio/
Gadu-gadu: 1510272
PGP: http://ares.4lo.bytom.pl/publickey.asc