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Re: select distinct query in readlocals should use enabled field


You're correct. I don't think an additional configuration-parameter is
needed: the current behaviour is wrong and should be corrected. Thanks
for making the modifications: i'll include it in the next release.


On Sat, Mar 06, 2004 at 09:41:41AM -0600, Alex Howansky wrote:
> I'm thinking that the "SELECT DISTINCT" queries in the readlocals() function of
> sql.c should ignore records where the enabled field is false, and probably also
> records that fall outside the active time range. If I disable an entire
> domain's email with a query that sets all the enabled fields for that domain to
> false, then qmail-sql still accepts mail for that domain.
> Also, I'm using the users table for applications other than qmail-sql (like
> authenticating a web site), and I have multiple "enabled" fields. For example,
> "can_mail" is a boolean field that qmail-sql uses as its "enabled" field, while
> "can_auth" is a second boolean field that Apache uses as its "enabled" field.
> This way, I can control access to the web site and email separately -- and I
> can have web site users that don't have email. However, in that situation, I
> don't want qmail-sql to start accepting emails for that domain.
> Michael, I will be making this mod myself unless you beat me to it. Should I
> make it have this behavior in all cases, or control it with a variable from the
> sqlserver file?
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