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RE: sqlcreatehomedir

Ok I am getting some where at last :)
The server is receiving mail and creating the home drirectories,
It was fixed my removing all of the home drirectories and letting the
Script take it all on by it self and with a little more it works a treat

But I am having problems checking my mail with a pop progy, even if I
telnet to port 110 no matter what it tells me the big f u but if you use
the test
[root@MailMan root]# /var/qmail/bin/qmail-popup virtual.org
/bin/checkpassword pwd
+OK <16393.1073397059@xxxxxxxxxxx>
user jason@xxxxxxxxxxx
pass test

it work great but the real thing fails

[root@MailMan root]# telnet mail.virtual.org 110
Connected to mail.virtual.org.
Escape character is '^]'.
+OK <16402.1073397151@xxxxxxxxxx>
user jason@xxxxxxxxxxx
pass test
-ERR authorization failed
Connection closed by foreign host.
[root@MailMan root]#

thanks all for you help so far

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From: Henrique Wendell Sales de Abreu
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To: Jason King; 'Michael Devogelaere'
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Subject: Re: sqlcreatehomedir 

There is an alternative way to make an easier administration, the goal
is to
create a view and use them instead of  default table, like this:

SELECT passwd.login, '3234'::text AS gid, '3234'::text AS uid,
passwd.virtual_host, passwd."password", passwd.hardquota,
passwd.stopdate, passwd.enabled, passwd.use_dotqmail, passwd.lastlogin

This way qmail smtpd and your popd or imapd server will act under an
uid to SO writing without
permissions problems and your webmail can write to all folders. It can
to make easy to mount large
NFS volumes on pop toasters.

Henrique Wendell Sales de Abreu.
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From: "Jason King" <jason@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "'Michael Devogelaere'" <michael.devogelaere@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Monday, January 05, 2004 6:20 PM
Subject: sqlcreatehomedir

> I have got every thing working but this I think.
> If I try to send a mail to a user created on the system I get
> Unable_to_chdir_to_maildir._(#4.2.1)
> I do not think it is set up right or working right.
> Is there any way I can test this from the command prompt,
> If I type sqlcreatehomedir Jason virtual.org it dos not create any
> errors
> But it dos not create the dir eather.
> Thanks
> Happy new Year
> Jason
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