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Re: Qmail and mysql

Hello Richard,

> Found a couple issues..
> Item 4.. you do not specify a stopdate.. After viewing the querys I 
> found that it does the search based on the stopdate, Since stopdate 
> defaults no NULL, I wasn't getting any return results.. Fixed this.
> Also enabled = 1 which you didnt specify in the instructions.

Actually item 4 does not correspond with the sql-specific part of qmail-sql.
It basically tells you to start with the installationprocedure for a regular

Item 6 instructs you to create a database. That item includes a link to
http://qmail-sql.digibel.be/layout.html. On that page the database-layout
is explained in detail, i hope. Please tell me if the explanation about the
database-layout is not clear.

I think you started getting results after setting enabled=1, since
stopdate=NULL should be ok. Can you try again with stopdate=NULL and 
enabled=1 ?
The exact query looks like this:

SELECT  login,uid,gid,home,hardquota,use_dotqmail  
FROM  passwd  
WHERE  login='test'  
 AND virtual_host='domain.be'  
 AND enabled='1'  
 AND (startdate IS NULL OR startdate<=NOW())  
 AND (stopdate IS NULL OR stopdate>=NOW())  

> Ok so I get past this and instead of getting
>  qmail-getpw alias virtual.org ; echo $?
> 116
> I now get
> qmail-getpw alias virtual.org ; echo $?
> Segmentation fault
> 139
> And can not figure this one out.

Can you give us the contents and permissions of all files in your 
/var/qmail/control directory ?
Can you also confirm you're using qmail-sql-1.03-0.25_2.src.rpm ?

Kind regards,