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RE: APOP issue

I figured out where to force a syntax error check:

in qmail-popup there is a function:

void pop3_apop(arg) char *arg;
  char *space;
  space = arg + str_chr(arg,' ');
  if (!*space) { err_syntax(); return; }
  *space++ = 0;
  doanddie(arg,space - arg,space);

So until qmail-sql can handle APOP, I simply changed it to:

void pop3_apop(arg) char *arg;
  err_syntax(); return;

I see Alex Howansky wrote a patch to enable APOP and other crypted services.  Is this going to make it into the main qmail-sql patch?

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> From: Jeremy Kusnetz [mailto:JKusnetz@xxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 4:26 PM
> To: Jeremy Kusnetz; Michael Devogelaere; qmail-sql@xxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: APOP issue
> We are having a problem with Microsoft clients running on 
> macs.  They apparently will always try the APOP protocol 
> first, and if it receives an error from the pop server it 
> will try POP.  The problem is, instead of giving an error 
> return code, pop3d simply just quits, and we are left being 
> unable to pop the server.  Any ideas?