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Test install not delivery locally

First thanks for all the hard work.... but I have a problem.

Installed qmail, setup and tested, then applied qmail-sql patch, built and 
tested on top off previous install (maybe a bad move?).

Renamed "/var/qmail/local" to local.old.

However have no sucessful delivery with qmail-sql, messages enter the queue, 
but are deferred. "deferral:" (wot not error message here?)

Qmail fails the local delivery test after I installed the patch.
It relays fine still of course.

Sure this is probably pretty straight forward, but I'd rather learn how to 
fix the problem, than be told the solution (although I'm not refusing).

The error from qmail-lspawn is "deferral:", which occurs on error 111 (and 
some others 71,74,75).

How should I investigate this further?
How do I persuade Postgres to provide detailed logging on failed connections?

Switching the postgresql.conf log options to true shows nothing, even when 
qmail-getpw runs and retrieves the relevant record?! Postgres is local to the 
qmail instance currently.

Redhat 9, Postgres 7.3.2. 
Altered datetime/DATETIME to timestamp in intdb?
Applied errno patches to qmail.
Haven't touched checkpasswd yet!
Tried with and without sqlcreatehomedir.
Used libpg and pgsql (not ODBC), should I used ODBC?
Using pg_ident authentication, qmails and root can run qmail-getpw fine.
sqlserver is basically the default, changed password, with/without 
createhomedir setting.

Probably a silly typo, already noticed I got the uid, and gid wrong in 
userdb.passwd due to transposing a digit :( But fixing this didn't alter 


PS: Who called it libpq on Debian? Grr