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Re: qmail-sql 0.23

> > ./qmail-getpw someverylongusernametoforceacrash virtual.org
> I think i accidently deleted your mail with the bug-report :-/. I
> tried
> to reproduce it with a username with 46000 characters and it didn't
> crash
> on my computer. What database are you using ? Can you give me the
> exact command you're using to trigger this bug ? Does it also crash
> with
> version 0.23 ?

I've not tried version 0.23 yet. I'll do that tonight. The version that
failed was 0.22. Postgresql 7.3.2.

The command is like above. Then I got a qmail-getpw.core file. I'll
check 0.23 and let you know.


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