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Re: qmail-sql + courier Imap

On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 08:42:30PM -0700, BW Clark wrote:
> Hello,
> I run Red Hat 9 
> I just ran across the qmail-sql site and the project seems to be a perfect fit for what I'm looking for. I have a couple of questions. Please dont tell me to look at the FAQ and install instructions, I did that and with that in mind ask the following:
> How do I get the src.rpm to compile? I tried using rpmbuild --rebuild, but it errors out and desn't produce anything. I've read you may need to patch qmail for RH9, how would I add that to the RPM or am I just better off trying to compile from scratch? 

The qmail-sources in the qmail-sql rpm are already patched to compile 
correctly with redhat 9. Did you install the rpm-build package from redhat ?
What errors do you get ?

> Reason why I ask about the RPM is that I have never had anything I compile work.
> I also read on another qmail list posting somewhere that happens to be member of this list that they are running qmail-sql + Courier IMAP + Squirrelmail. That is what I want to run also. Can you provide any pointers on getting this to work?

Courier IMAP works fine: you'll find sample configuration files in the
archives of this mailinglist. I cannot help you on the Squirrelmail: i never
used it.

Kind regards,