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set up a default virtual domain

Hey guys,

My company recently bought an entire webmail service, based on
Right now it uses only 1 domain, so the "check_host" option is set to "No"
and there is no "virtual_host" field in the passwd table.

My intention is to add more domains to this server and use as a virtual
I assume all I have to do is to "add column virtual_host" and "update passwd
set virtual_host='currentdomain.com'", then change "check_host" to yes in my
sqlserver file.
(Please correct me if i'm missing something).

Problem I'm Trying to Solve: I dont want my current 3,000+ users to change
their login to user@domain instead of just /user/. So I want to set up
"currentdomain.com" as the default domain when no domain is specified.

Is it possible to do this with qmail-sql?

I appreciate your help,