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The most functional Imap4? + some other questions ;)

Lo List,

First of all: i got Courier Imap installed. Its cool because its
compatible to the SQL DB of qmail-sql. So it is real easy to create nice
IMAP and POP3 Accounts at the same time.

But some Users of mine needed the so called "Outlook Special Folders".
But this is not supported by Courier-Imap (AFAIK) So is there another
Imap4 Daemon that supports both: Qmail-sql DB Schemes AND Outlook
Special Folders?

Hm but i got still some other Questions, maybe you have an idea (sorry
for being a lit OT):

I setted up a new TimeZone on my Server because Mails came "in the
future". Timezone seems now correct. How to get qmail to "read" this

Courier-Imap doesnt allow me to make Directories in the Root of the
Maildir. Is there a switch in a conf file that allows me that?

Thanks in Advance.

Greetings & Have a nice Day.