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Re: Quotas and Patch?


SK> Does this patch: http://www.qmail.org/qmail-1.03-quotas-1.1.patch
SK> Do this? Does it work together with qmail-sql in things of compiling and
SK> using the Database "hardquota" field?

Unfortunately these patches are not working together, because
qmail-sql writes an own quota mechanism into qmail-local.c.

Apply both patches and then look for the line
      if (hardquota && du(homedir) > hardquota)
         strerr_die1x(111, "Quota exceeded");
in qmail-local.c and replace it with
      if (hardquota && du(homedir) > hardquota)
         strerr_die1x(100, overquota);

That should do the trick.


SK> Thanks in advance for your help!

SK> Greetings and nice weekend,
SK> Stephan