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Re: Problem by compiling on rh 7.3

Hello Ivan,

> > It stops qmail-send, which gently asks qmail-remote to stop: if qmail-remote
> > was still sending a message to another computer it won't get interrupted and
> > will stop after completing the transfer. So there's a pretty good chance it
> > will work now since the message will probably be sent. If not, you might
> > try 'killall -9 qmail-remote'.
> > Similary: make sure your qmail-smtpd doesn't run anymore: stop the superdaemon
> > spawning your qmail-smtpd's: tcpserver/inetd/xinetd. And also stop the
> > ongoing qmail-smtpd's with 'killall -9 qmail-send'.
> > It sounds rude, but qmail was designed to handle this situations ;)
> It solved the problem!
> I am going to the next steps of the instruction.
> The next problem is that by the first installation of qmail ( It is only test
> instllation and do not contain any real data) I selected to use mailboxes ( I do not
> know why! It was so in the instruction). As I readet it will be very good to migrate
> to Maildirs. I will do it, but I do not will to create any dir's for my users.
> Is it possible to config this migration from maiboxes to maildirs with qmail-sql. And
> exest any instruction about it.

Take a look at the script mbox2maildir or mb2md (various results on Google).

> Sorry for my questons, but it looks that qmail-sql is not very good documented or I
> can not find the right documentation.
The documentation describes the specific SQL-part of Qmail-SQL. It indeed
doesn't describe Qmail itself since there is already plenty of documentation
about 'raw' Qmail. Your questions - until know - aren't related to SQL:
you'll have the same problems when replacing an existing Qmail with an
updated/patched version: you'll always need to kill the existing version.
And the mbox2maildir-problem is in no way related to Qmail-SQL imho ;)
Don't hesitate to ask questions, but don't expect me to update the
documentation to cover this issues since they aren't related to Qmail-SQL ;)
Apart from that: i know there are some lacks in the documentation and i'm
sorry for that, but i don't have much time now: for now i prefer to solve 
issues by sending mails to the mailinglist.

Kind regards,