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Re: Problem by compiling on rh 7.3

Hello Ivan,

On Sat, Feb 15, 2003 at 02:13:20PM +0100, pginfo wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am tring to compile qmail-sql on rh 7.3 using pg 7.3.1
> I readet the installation guid before begin.
> I pached the qmail by trying to run make setup check (int the qmail src
> directory)
> the system returns:
> # make setup check
> ./install
> install: fatal: unable to write .../bin/qmail-remote: text busy
The error is caused by another qmail running at the same time you're compiling
and installing qmail-sql: make sure the other qmail isn't running anymore
before installing qmail-sql. In fact: remove it first, since you might
get conflicts between them.
> Pls., help me to correct the problem.
> Also I readet the srcipt for creating the data base.
> I think in pg 7.3.1 do not exists the type datatime.
> I changed it to timestamp. Is it correct?
I haven't yet tried PostgreSQL 7.3, but you can safely replace datetime
by timestamp: it will take slightly more space in the database but that's
the only impact i'm aware of.

> Also I have anoder question: How stable will work qmail + qmail-sql as
> pop3 ?
I don't understand what you mean: would you run qmail as mta and 
checkpassword-sql as pop3-daemon ?