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courier-imap + mysql + virtual domain

I edited my authmysqlrc file

MYSQL_SELECT_CLAUSE SELECT passwd.login, passwd.password, passwd.startdate,
passwd.uid, passwd.gid, '', passwd.home, '', passwd.hardquota, '' from
passwd WHERE passwd.login = '$(local_part)' AND passwd.virtual_host =
'$(domain)' AND (passwd.enabled = '1' or passwd.enabled is NULL) AND
(passwd.startdate <= NOW() or passwd.startdate is NULL)

but it's still break
Jan 13 17:12:11 temne /kernel: pid 81151 (authdaemond.mysq), uid 0: exited
on signal 11 (core dumped)

what's wrong ?
I mean something with NOW is not ok

Brano from Slovakia