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trouble with alias

i seem to be able to send mail to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxx from the
server where qmail-sql is running but not from a remote site like
yahoo.com or hotmail.com to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

i do have a catch all alias in my sql table for mydomain.com. i've also
verified this with:

# ./qmail-getpw webmaster mydomain.com

it seems to be working.

when sending mail from a remote host like yahoo or hotmail (i'ven't any
access from another system) to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxx it doesn't even
show up in the mail log.

my alias worked fine til i moved to qmail-sql. one thing i had to do
was in the ~alias/.qmail-webmaster file i changed from a local user:




because i don't have melocal realservername.mydomain.com listed in the
sql table.

any thoughts?

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