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Re: rcpthosts from db

On Sat, Dec 21, 2002 at 08:43:08PM +0100, Klemen Vodopivec wrote:
> Any idea, why my rcpthosts are not read from database? I have sqlconfig
> file (owned by qmails.nofiles and 440 permissions) like this:

> rcpthosts_from_db yes
> allowed_recipients_from_db no
> autohomedir /usr/local/sbin/sqlcreatehomedir
> I also have tcp.smtp (from lifewithqmail) containing only 127. record. I
> do not have smtp-auth so this is not the case.
What's the exact content of your tcp.smtp ? And how are you testing the
rcpthosts ?
> If a create rcpthosts file, everything is working great. I'm using
> 0.23pre2 but also tried 0.22b and 0.20 with no success.
Those versions should do fine. Could you verify whether user 'qmaild'
is part of the group 'nofiles' ?