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rcpthosts from db

Any idea, why my rcpthosts are not read from database? I have sqlconfig
file (owned by qmails.nofiles and 440 permissions) like this:

query_timeout 5
connection_timeout 5
check_host yes
connectionstring user=posta password=xxx dbname=mail
popconnectionstring user=posta password=xxx dbname=mail
dbtable passwd
virt_host_field virtual_host
login_field login
uid_field uid
gid_field gid
home_field home
quota_field hardquota
enabled_field enabled
startdate_field startdate
stopdate_field stopdate
passwd_field password
use_dotqmail_field use_dotqmail
dotqmailtable dotqmails
dotqmail_field dotqmail
extension_field extension
localpop xxx.com
rcpthosts_from_db yes
allowed_recipients_from_db no
autohomedir /usr/local/sbin/sqlcreatehomedir

I also have tcp.smtp (from lifewithqmail) containing only 127. record. I
do not have smtp-auth so this is not the case.

If a create rcpthosts file, everything is working great. I'm using
0.23pre2 but also tried 0.22b and 0.20 with no success.

Oh, and yes, it is the right qmail-smtpd running.

Bye, Klemen