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Re: Can checkpassword authenticate using SHA1 method ?

Hello Paulus,

I'm not entirely sure, but i think courier-imap can authenticate with
MD5, SHA1 or crypt()-passwords. At least the source of the authlib includes
the necessary code. Courier-imap can handle both imap and pop3 and i think
this handles your problem. UW-imap possibly also knows SHA1-stuff, but cannot
handle pop3. The checkpassword-plugin cannot handle it either, so i think
you need courier-imap.
Qmail-sql doesn't care about passwords. Just make sure your password-field
is big enough to contain the SHA1-password.

On Tue, Oct 29, 2002 at 01:18:35PM +0000, paulus@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi, qmail-sql-ers,
> I am currently using qmail-ldap with users authenticated with SHA1 method.
> Due to needs to share data with other SQL applications, I plan to switch to
> qmail-sql.
> But how to migrate those users that already authenticated by SHA1 encryption method.
> Is there a clue or solution ?