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Re: possible to make global_domain work for alias users as well?

Hi Alex !

This functionality is now in qmail-sql 0.23pre2. But it breaks one very
basic assumption of qmail(-sql): the alias-user _always_ exists. So it's
hard for me to predict how much influence this will have. Of course i ran
a few tests on it, but please tell me if this new patch causes any trouble.

On Thu, Oct 17, 2002 at 04:39:31PM -0500, Alex Howansky wrote:
> Hi again Michael. :)
> If I have a large number of domains, I don't want to have to create an alias
> user for each one of them if they're all going to be the same. Is it possible
> to make the global_domain feature work for the alias user as well?
> For example, if I define:
>   global_domain domain1.com
> and then send mail to nonexsiting@xxxxxxxxxxx, I currently get:
>   delivery 4: deferral: Unable_to_find_alias_user!/
> because there is no record in the passwd table where virtual_host =
> 'domain2.com' and login = 'alias'. In this case, I'd like the alias user for
> domain1.com to handle it (as long as there is no specific alias user for
> domain2.com, of course.)