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Temporary hangups while sending or POPping

Greetings, all :-)

Am having a small problem with my qmail-sql setup...

Often, when sending mail from my MUA, or POPping it, I'm seeing *very*
big pauses during the transaction. To try to put it more clearly, there
may be 5 emails sitting on the server. The first 3 might download okay
(perhaps a tad slow, but I throttle the link to that machine a bit,
which would probably explain that...). Then on the 4th, the
'send/recieve' dialog will just sit there for, perhaps, 2 minutes. Then
the transfer finishes, and I have my mail.

It's totally random, and I can't seem to find a set of parameters which
replicate it...

Is this something anyone else is familiar with?

Oh yeah - this is all on the local net - the MUA, MTA, and database are
on 3 separate boxen. The throttling mentioned is just a fairly
reasonable speed cap, to ensure mail doesn't run riot with the available
WAN bandwidth...

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