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Re: help courier-imap mysql

Hello Giuseppe,

This works on my test-system:
MYSQL_SERVER            localhost
MYSQL_USERNAME          userconsult
MYSQL_PASSWORD          readonly

MYSQL_DATABASE          userdb

MYSQL_SELECT_CLAUSE     SELECT login,password,'',uid,gid,home,'',hardquota,'' FROM passwd where login='$(local_part)' and virtual_host='$(domain)'

As you can read my mysql-server runs on localhost and i connect through
unix domain-sockets (which works by default)

On Fri, Oct 11, 2002 at 01:48:39PM +0200, Giuseppe De Franceschi - RETI srl wrote:
> I would have need of aid in order to shape courier-imap.  I have installed
> release the 1.5.3.  me you can send a complete example of authmysqlrc
> Thanks
> Giuseppe De Franceschi