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RE: 0.22pre4

> Qmail-sql 0.22pre4 is now available. The main change is the 
> ability to check
> whether a user exists or not _before_ accepting the mail: at 
> smtp-level.
> This protects against a specific type of spam-attack. Suppose 
> you have a
> domain 'foo.org'. A spammer chooses the non-existing address 
> bar@xxxxxxx to 
> send the junk. Complaints and bounces go to bar@xxxxxxxx With 
> the new patch, 
> the server immediately rejects this mails, which should save 
> resources on 
> your server and network.

Stupid question, does this check come before or after calling qmail-queue?

How does it handle mail going to multiple people, some may exists, some may
not exists?

I'm currently running qmail-scanner, which replaces qmail-queue to do virus
and spam scanning.  I've modified qmail-scanner to check if the user
actually exists before scanning, but it doesn't work if there are more then
one local recipient, as I don't want to check to see if every single person
exists before scanning, because even if one out of 100 users are actually on
the system, I want to scan.