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Multiline dot-qmails

Using the latest qmail-sql-1.03pgsql-0.22pre2_1 I get the following
error with multiline dotqmail entries in the database:

userdb=# select * from dotqmails where login='cb';
 login | virtual_host | extension |           dotqmail           
 cb    | bluemars.de  |           | cb@xxxxxxx

(The 'dotqmail' field contains two forward-addresses and a newline)


Sep 24 13:54:18 newody qmail: 1032868458.399216 starting delivery 17:
msg 2343172 to remote cb@xxxxxxxx
Sep 24 13:54:18 newody qmail: 1032868458.403548 starting delivery 18:
msg 2343172 to remote cb@xxxxxxx

(Note the underscore on the first destination address)

Sep 24 13:54:18 newody qmail: 1032868458.481360 delivery 17: failure:

I've also tried other combinations of multine dotqmail fields (forward
plus localdelivery) and none worked, either only one forward worked or
an error like the one described occoured.

Again, thanks for the fast quota fix yesterday!

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