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Re: rcpthosts_from_db

Hhmm... oddly (but in a nice way *grin*), it now does seem to work
properly. Although, qmail-showctl says that " SMTP clients may send
messages to any recipient." - is this simply the result of an unpatched
program failing to see the rcpthosts flatfile?

If I try to send mail outside the network (without telling my client to
send credentials to the server), it immediately sends me back "Requested
action not taken: mailbox name not allowed: mail not sent". Seems a
little inelegant, at best - is this really the error I should be
getting? Sending inside the network works without auth (for all intents
and purposes, (network == domain) on this still-in-devel server...), and
sending anywhere with auth works ;-)

Thanks muchly for your time and patience :-)

On Fri, 2002-09-20 at 18:11, Michael Devogelaere wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 20, 2002 at 05:07:23PM +1000, Mattt wrote:
> > Finally got my qmail-auth-sql working ;-)
> Excellent ;)
> > 
> > Except...
> > 
> > Whether I mention rcpthosts_from_db in the sqlserver file, or set it to
> > yes or 1, my qmail's still initialising as an open relay. It works fine
> > with a rcpthosts file, and also grabbing locals from the db is
> > working...
> It should be 'rcpthosts_from_db yes'. Could you verify the permissions of
> your sqlserver ? It should be owned by qmails:nofiles and have 
> permissions 440. Are you sure there's no other qmail-smtpd receiving the
> mails ? (maybe some junk left from a previous install). I suppose you
> started qmail-smtpd with tcpserver: could you verify you didn't pass the
> RELAYCLIENT parameter for the host from which you verified this open relay
> behaviour ?
> Regards,
> Michael.
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