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Re: rcpthosts_from_db

On Fri, Sep 20, 2002 at 05:07:23PM +1000, Mattt wrote:
> Finally got my qmail-auth-sql working ;-)
Excellent ;)
> Except...
> Whether I mention rcpthosts_from_db in the sqlserver file, or set it to
> yes or 1, my qmail's still initialising as an open relay. It works fine
> with a rcpthosts file, and also grabbing locals from the db is
> working...
It should be 'rcpthosts_from_db yes'. Could you verify the permissions of
your sqlserver ? It should be owned by qmails:nofiles and have 
permissions 440. Are you sure there's no other qmail-smtpd receiving the
mails ? (maybe some junk left from a previous install). I suppose you
started qmail-smtpd with tcpserver: could you verify you didn't pass the
RELAYCLIENT parameter for the host from which you verified this open relay
behaviour ?