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Re: [Fwd: Re: smtp-auth compile problem...]

On Tue, Sep 17, 2002 at 11:57:01PM +1000, Mattt wrote:
> *lol*
> It failed for me in *exactly* the same way (ld error), but I'd poked
> around a little before deciding to shoot this mail off... Am using mc,
> so hit alt-p a couppla times to run the 'make setup check' again, to
> snag the output for pasting...
> Hehe - had typed 'make install check'....
> Unfortunately, I'm still getting :
> nroff -man mbox.5 > mbox.0
> nroff -man addresses.5 > addresses.0
> nroff -man envelopes.5 > envelopes.0
> nroff -man forgeries.7 > forgeries.0
> ./install
> install: fatal: install: usage: install dir
> make: *** [setup] Error 100
Because you typed 'make install'. 

Could you try this build-sequence:
make it man
./make_owners .
./install /var/qmail
./make_owners /var/qmail

Sorry if this isn't very obvious :) but qmail+extra_patches only contains
the source-tree used by the SRPM-package: the SPEC-file included in the
SRPM contains the complete build-procedure.