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trouble with non-existents users

Hi all:

	I'm still having some trouble understanding alias users. I defined 
an alias user for every domain associated to my server, like documentation 
says. I also used this reply:
as my main reference about this subject.

	When I send a mail to a non-existent user, to a domain with no 
.qmail-default file, I get an error message in my log, like this:

delivery 36032: deferral: 

	I realise that this file (.qmail-nonexistent) don't exist, but I 
wonder if that entry in my log message is a regular thing, and also, why I 
don't get an error mail as a reply for sending a mail to a non existent 

	Thanks You in advance.

Roberto Paz
T.E.: (0351) 481-6186
Cel. (351) 15 528 2292

"The box said, 'Requires Windows 95 or better', so i installed Linux"