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Re: Virtual domains and several databases...

Hello Michael. First, thank you for your answer. Then... :)

On Sun, 14 Jul 2002, Michael Devogelaere wrote:
> This kind of functionality isn't provided by qmail-sql. You could however
> modify the code a little: qmail-sql tries several databases until it finds
> one which gives a 'correct' answer. If you change that to: 'correct answer
> containing at least 1 record', you will have about the setup you want.
> But then qmail-sql will posibly try a few non-relevant databases before
> querying the correct one, which is probably unwanted. I don't know about
> any imap or pop-daemon with this functionality.

Hmmm, sounds good. I think it'd be shorter. I have predefined one database 
per domain. Those databases are user databases for a web system, which is 
installed several times, and each database has currently at most 10000 
users. So, I could know which database to query thanks to the domain, so 
no other database than the one specified by the domain must be used. Can 
the code be addapted to open or query a DB knowing the domain of the 
incoming e-mail, instead of querying every database?. Also, how does the 
code support heavy loads when querying multiple databases?.

Thank you very much.

P.S. Also, there's the IMAP/POP3 problem