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Since several folks kept asking me about authenticated smtp, i've now
included the smtp-auth patch of Krzysztof Dabrowski to the qmail-sql SRPM.
Please note that it's not in the qmail-sql patch itself. People who
cannot handle SRPM-files, might want to check out the file
'qmail-sql_extra-patches.tgz' which contains the source-tree used by the
The smtp-auth patch requires a slightly modified checkpassword and therefore
i've put checkpassword 0.21 online. There's no need to upgrade checkpassword
on your pop-servers: you have to supply -DSMTP_AUTH during compiletime
to get checksmtpauth. This program only checks the login/password wile
checkpassword also checks the homedir and changes uid/gid. 

Kind regards,
Michael Devogelaere.