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checkpassword-sql 0.20


There's a new version of checkpassword-sql available. This one fixes the
issues reported by Grant Smith:
- the lastlogin field is now only updated if the login/password is correct
  and if the homedirectory is ok (previously it only cared about valid
- checkpassword tries to create the homedirectory if this one doesn't exist
  and if this feature was turned on in sqlserver.

I also modified the domain_separator feature: it's now called
domain_separators and contains all characters which can act as valid
Eg: domain_separators @:# 
    login@xxxxxxxxxxx, login:virtual.org, login#virtual.org all match the
    same user. 
This should solve the issue with broken mail-clients which keep complaining
about the '@'. The default-value is still '@'.

Kind regards,
Michael Devogelaere.