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Re: More checkpassword woes / MD5


Thanks once again for your valued help! I now have pop authentication working.
However, I think I might have uncovered two issues:

1. The lastlogin field is being updated even if the authentication fails. I'm 
not sure how much of a problem this is - it cetainly doesn't effect me, but 
I'm just letting you know.

2. This one is more serious. I use automatic home directory creation. The home 
directory is only created when the user receives his first email. If the user 
tries to check his email using pop before he has received any email, he will 
get an "authentication failure". I propose that checkpassword be modified 
somehow to create the home directory if it doesn't exist. Can this be easily 
done, or is there a better way of handling the issue ?
Thanks for a great system!!