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Re: No mailbox here by that name problem

This is the full output of my sqlserver file :

db_use yes
connectionstring dbname=userdb password=HIDDEN user=userconsult
popconnectionstring dbname=userdb password=HIDDEN user=usermgr
check_host yes
server localhost
dbname userdb
dblogin userconsult
dbpass readonly
dbtable passwd
virt_host_field virtual_host
login_field login
uid_field uid
gid_field gid
home_field home
quota_field hardquota
enabled_field enabled
startdate_field startdate
stopdate_field stopdate
passwd_field password
lastlogin_field lastlogin
use_dotqmail_field use_dotqmail
dotqmailtable dotqmails
dotqmail_field dotqmail
extension_field extension
localpop testsetup.org
autohomedir /usr/local/sbin/sqlcreatehomedir