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RE: Correct way to HUP?

A little more info.

Before HUPing mail will be delivered to all the domains in the locals
control file.

After HUPing mail will only be delivered to the one domain in the me control
file.  All other domains in the locals file get's the error:  
qmail: 1022010803.257890 delivery 1: deferral: Unable_to_find_alias_user!/

If I restart qmail completely, those emails who's domains who in the locals
control will get delivered.

Is there another method when adding a new local domain to get qmail to
recognize that domain as a local domain other then HUPing?

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From: Jeremy Kusnetz 
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2002 2:05 PM
To: 'qmail-sql@xxxxxxxxxx'
Subject: Correct way to HUP?

Is there a different way to reHUP qmail-send when making changes to the
control files?  I've been using .19 since it was first released without any
problems.  But in the past when making additions to control files I would
completely restart qmail.

Yesterday I tried just HUPing the qmail-send process.  Things seemed to be
okay until a few hours later when i realized qmail was no longer deliverying
mail, it was just piling up in the queue with a bunch of
Unable_to_find_alias_user! errors in the log.  I had to do a full restart to
start delivering mail.  Any ideas?

I verified that the HUP was the cause by trying again today and watching the
logs, sure enough no mail was succesfully locally delivered.

Is the hup somehow making qmail lose connection with it's database?