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patched checkpassword+pgsql

I have successfully set up qmail-sql, but I have having trouble with the checkpassword/sql patch from the downloads dir.  I have edited sql.headers & sql.lib and sqltype.h for use with postgresql, everything compiled correctly . . . but it does not seem to connect to the database.  I am guessing that it reads the config from /var/qmail/control/sqlserver but after changing the passwords to connect to the database to incorrect ones, checkpassword does NOT cause the database to log a bad login, while after doing the same and calling qmail-getpw, pgsql DOES log a connect error.  I am testing both of these as root, so permissions should not matter (and I have them world readable anyways).
Here is my connect string from sqlserver:
connectionstring user=qmailconsult password=badpass dbname=qmail host=
popconnectionstring user=qmailmgr password=badpass dbname=qmail host=
Any help would be great. Thanks, -Matt