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Re: open-relay?

Hi Franklin,

What error did you receive when the mail got rejected ? Do you have a
control/locals file ? control/rcpthosts should work as expected: i use
it on my mailserver and that one only accepts mails for the domains listed
in control/rcpthosts.

On Sat, Jan 05, 2002 at 01:46:16AM +0100, Franklin Kingma wrote:
> Hi,
> i setup qmail with the sql patch today...
> i was wondering whether i made some mistake, but i cannot find any clues
> anywhere....
> i was testing with some domains i setup... and with the rcpthost file in
> place i was not able to recieve mail... the mail gets rejected..
> but when i remove the rcpthost file i get my mail but the mailsever also
> acts as an open-relay!
> did i do something wrong?
> regards,
> franklin