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Re: Authentication problem.

Thanks for reporting the patch-errors: i'm using checkpassword 0.81 for ages
and didn't know version 0.90 was released. I've put a patch online against 0.90
Could you try again with that one ? I think you will see a query and
log-message this time, but without the '@', since netscape will possibly 
'forget' it.

On Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 12:16:10PM -0500, Homer Parker wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Oct 2001 09:39:50 +0200 Michael Devogelaere <michael@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> MD> Hi,
> MD> Since checkpassword works with at least one user, i'll assume you compiled
> MD> it ok. But what was the patch-error ? You can turn on logging in mysql by
> MD> adding 'log=/var/log/mysqld.log' to my.cnf (redhat 7.1). my.cnf looks like:
> MD> After restarting mysqld, you'll see all queries in /var/log/mysqld.log.
> MD> I've reread your mail and noticed you're using netscape for mac. Is that
> MD> netscape 4 ? That one always 'forgets' to send the '@domain'-part but
> MD> netscape 6 (or mozilla) works fine.
>         Thanks for the pointer on the logging, makes all the difference in
> the world! ;) As for Netscape on a Mac, I'm now just telneting to port 110
> and issuing user and pass commands... Now, what I'm seeing happening is the
> if I'm a local user, and only required to enter my username, it works.. If
> I'm a virtual domain, and have to use the @ in my login, it never queries
> the SQL server... Such as follows:
> user test
> pass password
> user test@xxxxx
> pass password
>         The first sends a query and the second does not... So, my guess is
> that for whatever reason, it sees @ in the username, and isn't happy
> anymore, and never attempts to authenticate... I'm not finding any core's
> or anything like that, it's just not talking to anyone.. I'm going to mess
> with this other server I'm setting up and see if it does anything
> different.. Thanks for all the help!
> Homer