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Re[2]: Authentication problem.

On Fri, 19 Oct 2001 09:39:50 +0200 Michael Devogelaere <michael@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

MD> Hi,

MD> Since checkpassword works with at least one user, i'll assume you compiled
MD> it ok. But what was the patch-error ? You can turn on logging in mysql by
MD> adding 'log=/var/log/mysqld.log' to my.cnf (redhat 7.1). my.cnf looks like:

MD> After restarting mysqld, you'll see all queries in /var/log/mysqld.log.
MD> I've reread your mail and noticed you're using netscape for mac. Is that
MD> netscape 4 ? That one always 'forgets' to send the '@domain'-part but
MD> netscape 6 (or mozilla) works fine.

        Thanks for the pointer on the logging, makes all the difference in
the world! ;) As for Netscape on a Mac, I'm now just telneting to port 110
and issuing user and pass commands... Now, what I'm seeing happening is the
if I'm a local user, and only required to enter my username, it works.. If
I'm a virtual domain, and have to use the @ in my login, it never queries
the SQL server... Such as follows:

user test
pass password

user test@xxxxx
pass password

        The first sends a query and the second does not... So, my guess is
that for whatever reason, it sees @ in the username, and isn't happy
anymore, and never attempts to authenticate... I'm not finding any core's
or anything like that, it's just not talking to anyone.. I'm going to mess
with this other server I'm setting up and see if it does anything
different.. Thanks for all the help!