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init.d script for qmail-pgsql - after a week of pain - am i an idiot?!!

Hi all!

My problem seems to be so primitive, that perhaps many of you think it should not be met.
The fact is I had 1 painful week until I found the solution (which means I am not a hardcore UNIX user).

So everybody who wants to start qmail-pgsql at boot automatically (at least under solaris, with shared libpgsql.so) don't forget to include the LD_LIBRARY_PATH in your init.d script!!!!!!!!!!

Like this (the paths are the defaults):


export PATH

qmail-start ./Maildir/ splogger qmail &

#script ends

Thank you for the attention and really sorry for the stupid problem


----- Továbbította: László Kishonti/InvFund/K&HInvest/KHB/HU Dátum: 2001.07.31 15:20 -----
László Kishonti

2001.07.31 10:13

         Címzett:            Michael Devogelaere <michael@xxxxxxxxxx>
         Másolat:           qmail+pgsql@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Tárgy:               Válasz: qmail-pgsql 0.16Link

Hi Michael!

I have a question about qmail-pgsql: does it need different init.d script than the unpatched qmail?
I have a strange experience. Everything works fine if i start qmail manually with something like this:


export PATH

qmail-start ./Maildir/ splogger qmail &

#script ends

However when I put this script into /etc/init.d/qmail (the script above is simplified and leaves out the argument parser) and link it to /etc/rc2.d/S88qmail (on a Solaris 8 X86 machine) it never-ever starts when the computer boots. I logged the process with different settings, for example with the same PATH, that I have when I log in as a root, but nothing happens.
When this script runs postmaster is already running (of course).
When I start the qmail daemons manually they run for weeks without a glitch, deliver and send mails for virtual users without problem.

What could I leave out?

Thank you for your help

Michael Devogelaere <michael@xxxxxxxxxx>

2001.07.31 08:56

                    Címzett: qmail+pgsql@xxxxxxxxxxx
                       Tárgy: qmail-pgsql 0.16


Qmail-pgsql 0.16 is now available on http://www.digibel.net/qmail+pgsql.
This version can read the contents of the .qmail from the database.

Kind regards,
Michael Devogelaere.

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