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Re: Help please

I don't understand your question, but i'll try go guess it:
- you can have a control/locals file. In that case the patched qmail uses
  that file just like the plain qmail does: it fills a structure with the
  content of that file and uses that to determine if it should deliver
  the mail local.
- OR you don't have a control/locals file at all. In that case the patched 
  qmail initializes that local structure with the results of a 
  "select distinct virtual_host from passwd"

When qmail-pgsql decided to locally deliver the mail, it will check if you
have configured "localtable". If you did so and the email-address belongs to
a domain in that table, it will use the /etc/passwd-file for userlookups.
If that table doesn't exist, or the email-adress doesn't belong to a domain
in that table, it will use the database for the userlookup.

Hope this helps.

On Sun, May 06, 2001 at 10:20:43AM -0500, Harry Crowder wrote:
> sorry but I am somewhat confused
> If i define my users in the postgres database as being mbo.net, mbovideo.net
> for the server to check against the database those domains should not be
> listed in the control/locals file?
> If that is the case where does the patched qmail delivery emails for the
> database users too? Or do I have to duplicate my database users into the
> local /etc/passwd file?