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Re: Help please

On Sat, May 05, 2001 at 04:33:07PM -0500, Harry Crowder wrote:
> I have redhat 6.2 and postgresql 7.1 with checkpassword 0.81 qmail 1.03 and the latest pgsql patches for qmail.
> couple of questions is there anyway to store the user passwords in the database without them being encrypted?

Why does /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow contain encrypted passwords ? That's
why the database contains encrypted passwords too. If you want unencrypted
passwords (which you don't), you'll have to modify the source yourself: in
checkpassword.c, you can remove the line "encrypted=crypt(..)" and two
lines further: replace encrypted with password ... i think, but i won't try
it myself.
> I wanted to use the lcoalhost table so i didn't have to maintain the same control/locals file on my 3 mail servers does that work?
From the installguide:
   A  table  contaning  the  servernames, you want to treat as local. All
   users  within these domains will be extracted from the passwd-file. If
   this  line  is  missing,  there  won't be local deliveries (except the
   normal alias-systemlogin)

> The only users I can ever deliver mail to are the ones in my /etc/passwd file i can not deliver mail to users in database.  Both qmail-getpw and qmail-popup work but, qmail-send won't lookup the users in the database for delivery it only checks the /etc/passwd file.

Yes. That's exactly what localtable is used for. Try removing your locals-file.
Qmail-pgsql will run a "select distinct virtual_host from .." on your table
on startup and that's probably what you wanted.

Hope this works.

Kindly regards,
Michael Devogelaere.