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Re: qmail-pgsql, checkpassword and imap

> * Then it becomes necessary to patch the imap server for pgsql support. Where
> is the configuration ? Is it hard coded ?

Yes, it's in a header file. I made that decision specifically to avoid the
overhead of opening and parsing a text file for each connection. How often do
you really need to change those parameters?

On the downside, it means that the userid and password are stored in the
binary, and can be searched with the strings command by any user who has read
access to the file. So make sure it's in a system read-only dir. This is also
the case with /lib/security/pam_pgsql.so, which can be read by any user.

> Thanx to the same guys who wrote getpg, using libpam-pgsql and libnss-pgsql,
> you can do the trick, and it works great !

Not the same guys, but the same name... Alessandro based his initial work on my

> * libpam-pgsql works great, but cannot bind to a remote database, and that's a
> major problem. I'm confident we will fix it soon.

Why can't you just put "host=a.b.c.d" in your CONNECT_STRING?

Alex Howansky
Wankwood Associates