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Re: qmail-pgsql, checkpassword and imap

Hi list,

some more elements about accessing via imap to a Maildir repository when the
users are stored in a postgresql database...

I haven't tried the University of Michigan imap server (the one Michael uses)
because :

* it does not come, in any manner, with any official Maildir support 

* the Maildir patches are bugged (when you create a new folder for example, the
new folder isn't in Maildir format buf in mailbox.. Annoying...

* patches exist that patch the Maildir patches but, without any try, you never

* Then it becomes necessary to patch the imap server for pgsql support. Where
is the configuration ? Is it hard coded ?

On the other hand, courier-imap supports the Maildir format natively, and is
(much) more performant thant UW-imap.

So, I needed to get courier-imap authenticating against a postgresql
database... Done !

Thanx to the same guys who wrote getpg, using libpam-pgsql and libnss-pgsql,
you can do the trick, and it works great !

* libpam-pgsql works great, but cannot bind to a remote database, and that's a
major problem. I'm confident we will fix it soon.

* libnss-pgsql, as is, works but the configuration is hardcoded. So we modified
libnss-pgsql so that it gets its configuration in a conffile
(/etc/libnss-pgsql) where you can configure everything. I've got a debian
package, compiled against potato. I would be very pleased to give the code
and/or the package away (plus it is under GPL).

Then you can use courier-imap with the authpam module. (It may not be that hard
to write a authpgsql module for courier-imap, but that way is easier and

In conclusion, we have to add remote binding capabilities to libpam-pgsql and
we're done.


On Fri, Mar 30, 2001 at 06:57:38PM +0200, Michael Devogelaere wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 30, 2001 at 03:31:52PM +0200, Philippe BARNETCHE wrote:
> > Hi list,
> > 
> > I've been using qmail-pgsql for a while now, and enjoyed it.
> > I nom need to setup an imap server (while I was using POP since then).
> > 
> > Important point : I use the Maildir format
> > 
> > I can see three solutions :
> > 
> > use courier-imap, authenticate against an LDAP server that has an SQL
> > backend...
> > 
> > use courier-imap, authenticate using pam-pgsql : works but "How do I tell
> > courier-imap about the home directory of the user ?". I think I have to use
> > nss-pgsql. Is it stable ? Reliable ?
> > 
> > hum... can't see another solution.
> use imap+getpg (alex did this) and 'force' the maildirpatches on it. I've
> done that on my system :-)
> I've found a imap-maildir-getpg in my /usr/src-dir. I _think_ i'm running
> that one now but it's about 1.2 mb tgz. Let me know if you want my tgz.
> Regards,
> MIchael


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